What happens if my child has an accident at school?

At some time during your child’s schooling he/she may have an accident and require first aid. Small cuts, grazes or bumps will be attended by the Classroom Teacher or Yard Duty Teacher. In the event of a more serious injury the teachers will refer children to the School Office where a senior first aid person will attend the injury.

If your child is sent to the Office First Aid Room a note advising you of the nature of the illness/injury and treatment will be sent home via the child. If considered necessary, the parents or emergency contact person will be contacted by phone.

If a serious accident occurs SA Ambulance Service will be contacted and the child will be taken to hospital. A teacher will always accompany the child and stay until a parent or care giver arrives.

Catholic Church Insurance offers to parents the opportunity to take out a comprehensive insurance cover. The school also recommends that families take out Ambulance cover.

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What Are/When are Assemblies held?

At most Assemblies usually a Year Level or Class will sing, dance, do plays or show work. Awards and schools news are shared and the Principal talks to the children about up coming events and issues that may be necessary.

Assemblies are held under the shelter area on Fridays four times per term. These are advertised through the newsletter. Everyone is welcome to attend - mums, dads, grandparents, even toddlers.

At the first assembly after your child starts school a WELCOME certificate is presented to them. Children love to see their parents at this first event.

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Why is my child’s Class referred to as a Room number?

Because we have seven Reception/Year 1 classes we refer to classes as a room number. This helps us to locate the room and allows teachers to move classes without having to move equipment.

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Where can I park?

When parking around the school, please adhere to all road rules and signs, for your own safety and for our children. The school has two large car parks and there are many parks available on nearby streets. Be aware that parking inspectors regularly patrol the area.

All gates apart from the main entrance on Carignane Street are locked after 9am and are opened at 3pm. If you are in the school once gates have been locked you will have to leave via the main entrance. This is for the safety of all children.

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What is/How does the Drop Zone work?

Parents are asked to observe the speed limit of 15km/h when entering the school car park. Visitors and parents are welcome to use the car park at the South and West end of the school. Gates should be kept clear of vehicles at all times.

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‘Kiss and Drop’ Zones

There are two drop zones at Carignane Street and Park Lake Drive available for parents who just want to drop their child off in the morning without parking and walking the children to their classroom. The areas operate in reverse in the afternoons. Parents are allowed to wait for 30 seconds and then move on. Children will be supervised at both ‘Kiss and Drop’ zones.

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When can my child start playing competitive sport?

Children are able to play competitive sport in Year 2. All children in Years 2-7 are given equal opportunity to participate in the sport of their choice. A comprehensive list of sports is offered each season. These are under constant revision depending upon students interest and coaches. All sports are played in line with the National Junior Sports Policy.

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If I need to speak with my child’s teacher how can I make contact?

Parents are welcome to speak informally before or after school or they can communicate by note, e-mail or through the diary. The teacher uses the student’s diary, e-mail and a class newsletter to communicate with parents. Please do not interrupt a class lesson to speak to your child’s teacher. Please make an appointment for a suitable and convenient time.

Parents wishing to leave a message for their child are asked to do so at the Office prior to 1.30pm. We ask parents to restrict calls to those of an urgent nature only.

The school newsletter is sent home once a fortnight and is numbered for easy reference throughout the year. Both the Newsletter and other circulars are sent home to families with more than one child in the school via the eldest child.

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What do I do if my child is sick or absent from school?

If your child is going to be absent from school please phone the school office by 9.30am on the first day. If the absence is for a notifiable disease or your child will be absent for more than two days, please provide a written explanation for the absence on the student’s return to school.

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Is my child allowed to go to the toilet during class time?

In the younger grades this is allowed, but in older classes the children are encouraged to go during break times. No child will ever be refused the right to go to the toilet. Younger children will go with another child accompanying them. All children are able to have drink bottles on their desks and are encouraged to drink regularly. Children are also able to eat fruit and vegetables at the ‘brain food break’.

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How early can I drop my child off to school? Is there teacher supervision?

There are teachers on duty in the main yard areas from 8.30am. No students are allowed to play or be in classroom areas before this time. Students must wait in this area until the first bell at 8.45am, when they can then move to their classrooms.

After school all children must be collected by 3.35pm.  Any student not collected will be taken to After School Care - you will be invoiced the full charges for a session.

Please note that students and toddlers are not to play on playground equipment before or after school without teacher supervision.

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Do you have Before and After School Care?

We have both ‘Before and After School Care’ on our premises and it is run by school staff Coordinated by Gail Wilkey. Before School Care runs from 7.30am and After School Care concludes at 6pm. Government rebates are available for all families. More details and enrolment forms are available from the front office. SFX also has a Vacation Care program.

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What are the different parts of the school grounds?

Hard Play Area - the area near the basketball courts and Faulkner Building

Village Area - the area near the Library between the Oblate Building and Vincentian Building

Oval Area - the oval and canteen area

Junior Primary Loop Area - the shelter area and area between the classrooms.

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