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Pre-School Programs


Open to all families with children aged birth to 4 years. You are warmly invited to join us!

Playgroup is held on Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays during school terms, from 9:00 am - 10.30 am, with a gold coin donation entry fee.

Playgroup is a fun way to:

  • Meet other children and families
  • Have a wide range of play experiences
  • Spend time together having fun
  • Talk, sing, read, play and discover
  • Become part of our school community

Our Playgroup is part of the Supported Playgroups in Catholic Education program (SPICE). A Supported Playgroup has a coordinator who plans and runs the session(s) each week. Our Playgroup Coordinators have undertaken the SPICE Training, and they attend workshops every year so that they can bring you new and exciting learning experiences.

For further information please contact one of our Playgroup Coordinators - Marian Mullen, Rita Centofanti or Taylor Krawczyk at 8251 9500 or email:



Curious Xavier's Transition Program

...for families who have children enrolled to start at St Francis Xavier's Catholic School.

The Curious Xavier's program is run once a week for three hours, over the two terms immediately prior to children commencing school.

Curious Xavier’s is a play-based learning opportunity for children, where they are able to experience and familiarise themselves with the school, the staff, the facilities, and the children they will be starting their St Francis Xavier’s learning journey with.

Some basic routines are introduced, but the focus is on getting to know your child and finding out what they are curious about.

We provide children with lots of different learning experiences through play and exploration. As educators, we believe it is through play and the freedom to explore, that children become more adaptable, flexible, resilient and creative. These are the skills that children can only learn themselves through having a variety of experiences, exploration of their natural surroundings, and social engagement with others. Through these avenues, children become more equipped to coordinate their emotions, thoughts and actions.

The program is run on a user-pays basis. Whilst we encourage you to participate, for those that don’t, there are other transition opportunities provided for children commencing school with us.

You will receive a Curious Xavier's Application Form following receipt of your Enrolment Contract and all other required documentation.

For further information, please contact Principal's PA on 8251 9555 or email PA@sfx.catholic.edu.au

Our Playgroup includes lots of literacy, numeracy and STEM as part of our play...
Did you know that children are learning all of this through play, and that you can help them?