Inclusive Education

All children are entitled to an education that provides them with opportunities for success both now and in the future.

We believe:

  • in a team approach to supporting the diverse needs of our learners
  • in strong partnerships between the school, parents/caregivers and relevant support agencies
  • in a focus on early intervention and regular monitoring of student progress
Teaching staff differentiate the curriculum to support the needs of all learners. A variety of additional activities are provided to target specific needs in some students.


  • We support Early Years students to develop skills such as rhyming, syllabification, word awareness and letter identification.

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Oral Language

We assist Early Years students to further develop their oral language skills through play.

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Sensory Room

  • At SFX we have a dedicated sensory facility to help students who display sensory processing issues in the classroom.

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QuickSmart Numeracy

  • Students in the Middle to Upper Years are supported to further develop basic number skills and automaticity with recall of number facts.

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Social and Emotional Learning

  • We assist students with social/behavioural/emotional needs. Students are nominated for programs by class teachers. The school also has a counsellor. Parents can also nominate their child for support and students can self-refer.

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Seasons For Growth

  • We support students to deal with change, loss and grief issues such as death, separation and moving schools. Parents are able to nominate their child for support.

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Learning Assistance Program (LAP)

  • Through the development of a trusting relationship with a student, volunteers support the self-esteem and learning of that student through a variety of fun activities. 

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Speech Pathology

  • St Francis Xavier’s has a partnership with Liberty Speech Pathology to support students requiring speech and language help. A qualified speech pathologist works with the students here at school. The cost of this service is covered by the parents.

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