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Learning Support and Differentiated Learning

Our staff are flexible in their approach to teaching and learning, using various strategies to ensure that each child reaches their full potential.

The Living Learning Leading Framework gives us a foundation for understanding what we do in Catholic Education – who we are, what we value and how we partner with our families to ensure our students thrive.

At the heart of our framework is our commitment to our students and our understanding of all people – we see them as ‘thriving people, capable learners, leaders for the world God desires.’

The Living Learning Leading Framework underpins everything we do, ensuring our students develop the knowledge, skills and attributes they need to thrive in a rapidly changing and complex world

We are very aware that all children have different learning styles and needs, and within each classroom setting, there is a vast array of learning abilities. 

We have a number of programs and support structures in place to assist students, and we work closely with families to achieve the best outcome for each child.

  • Inclusive Education: 
    Our Deputy Principal oversees our Inclusive Education program. This includes working with Catholic Education Office Consultants, outside professionals, families and staff in order to develop Personal Learning Plans and programs to support children with specific learning needs.
  • Education Support Officers: 
    We have a number of Education Support Officers (ESO's) on staff, who work with children to support their learning.
  • School Chaplain and School Counsellor: 
    We have a School Chaplain and School Counsellor on staff, who are available to both children and families to discuss any issues or concerns they might be having within the school or at home.
  • Key Literacy Teacher: 
    We have a Key Literacy Teacher who supports staff with delivering their literacy programs. The Key Literacy Teacher also works with students, providing extra support with their writing, spelling and grammar.
  • Key Numeracy Teacher: We have a Key Numeracy Teacher who supports staff with delivering their numeracy programs. In addition, the Key Numeracy Teacher oversees our Numeracy support and extension programs. 
  • Learning Assistance Program: 
    We have a Learning Assistance Program (LAP) in place, which is coordinated by one of our ESO's. Volunteers are carefully matched with a student, and through the development of a trusting relationship, they support the self-esteem and learning of that student through a variety of fun activities.
  • QuickSmart Numeracy: 
    Students in middle to upper primary are supported to further develop their basic numbers skills and automaticity with recall of number facts.
  • Sensory Room: 
    We have a dedicated sensory facility to assist students who display sensory processing issues in the classroom.