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Our History

St Francis Xavier's - established 1983...

As St David's School at Tea Tree Gully was reaching its total enrolment numbers, the need for another Catholic Primary School was becoming increasingly evident in this North-Eastern area.

Following much deliberation, the idea of establishing a Regional Catholic Primary School grew and was finally accepted. The school would encompass the parishes of Tea Tree Gully, Modbury and Holy Trinity, and became a reality, officially opening in 1983.

As this school was to be situated in a rapidly growing area, the sense of mission was great. As a consequence, it was named for St Francis Xavier - the great Jesuit missionary.

St Francis Xavier was a founding member of the religious order, the Society of Jesus (Jesuits), along with St Ignatius Loyola. The Society's mission was to take the message of the Good News to people everywhere. St Francis believed in the Good News of Jesus, and of sharing that message of hope with all people.

He spent his adult life travelling to other countries and teaching people about Jesus, and much of his life was spent tending to missions in areas such as India and Japan.

Today we can follow in St Francis Xavier's footsteps, not by going out to faraway places, but by being people of hope for our friends, family and people we meet. The virtues of courage, joy and faith can be observed in the life of St Francis Xavier, an inspired by him, we may also achieve feats that have never been accomplished.