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Our Vision and Mission

Our Vision

Inspiring a Community of Innovators

Our Mission

St Francis Xavier's Catholic School is a child-centred, future-focussed and dynamic Catholic school. In partnership with the community and our unique environment, we flourish in a culture of learning.

Our Beliefs

We believe that children learn in a caring, accepting environment.

We believe that when children are encouraged and supported, they will experience success.

We believe that all children have a natural curiosity and desire to learn, and that this should be nurtured.

We believe that education should be directed toward preparing children for the future so they can effectively contribute and constructively change the society in which they live.

Because we believe in providing the best education for your child, our direction is clear: we are aware of the need to be constantly evolving to meet the needs of our students, staff and parents. Our school values success and relationships that are based on trust, respect and cooperation.

Learning Statement

Catholic Education South Australia

We are committed to knowing you deeply.

We value you as a capable and competent learner.

We will support your active engagement in the learning process.

We will work in partnership with you and your family.

We commit to high expectations for your learning progress, wellbeing and achievement.

You matter to us.