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St Francis Xavier Primary School has many programs and facilities to help your child on their journey of learning and discovery.


An Overview

Parent Information Evenings are held by all classroom teachers in Week 3 of Term 1 each school year.  Information relating to curriculum, class procedures and expectations are explained.
  • Ongoing general classroom information will be forwarded home in the form of a Class Newsletter each term
  • From Year 3 to Year 7 the school diary will be used as a communication tool between school and home.
  • Parents/caregivers are asked to use diaries to inform teachers of absences, medical appointments and requests for appointments with the teacher
  • Diaries are not the place for confidential information.
  • Parents are asked to send this type of information in a sealed envelope clearly marked with the name of the person for whom it is intended
  • An open invitation is extended to parents/caregivers to visit the classroom before or after school, outside of teaching time.  This provides an opportunity to speak informally with the class teacher and/or to peruse children’s work and classroom displays
  • Parents are invited to make a time to speak with the Principal or the Deputy Principal regarding their child or general school matters they wish to clarify


SFX is a community that works together and has a culture that values positive relationships.
We believe everyone has the right to feel safe and learn to the best of their ability.

We practice Christian values as in the words Jesus spoke: “do unto others as you would have them do unto you” and “love your neighbour as yourself”.

Students in all classes participate in a range of activities that focus on positive relationships and also on empowering them to keep themselves free from bullying, how to manage themselves if incidents of bullying occur and also give them confidence and skills to help others.

Bullying is not accepted at SFX and will be followed up every time it is reported, in accordance with our Bullying and Harassment Policy.

Behaviour Education

Our Behaviour Management Policy is based on theories of Positive Psychology, including Choice Theory. We focus on practices that empower students to make appropriate choices, to develop self-discipline and responsibility. Students in all classes are involved in Social and Emotional Learning (SEL), and are taught both intrapersonal skills (what we think about and how we deal with self) and interpersonal skills (what we think about and how we deal with others). They learn that each one of us is in control of our own behaviour and that we cannot control others. If we are responsible for our own behaviour we are also need to take responsibility for the consequences of our behaviour.

Where incidents of inappropriate behaviour occur students attend the Connecting Room where they meet with the School Counsellor, a member of Leadership or a teacher to discuss and self-evaluate their behaviour and make plans for change or restitution.


At SFX we know there is a high correlation between social and emotional wellbeing, happiness and success. Therefore Social and Emotional Learning is core to all learning and is carried out in all classrooms. We have a multi-faceted approach that includes school-wide programmes, classroom programmes and interventions for small groups and individual students.

Classroom teachers’ guide and support all students with day to day issues, those who have behavioural, social and emotional needs, including friendship issues, anxiety, bullying and more.
The School Counsellor’s role is to work in collaboration with teachers but to provide more specialised support to students and parents and can include issues such as family change and grief. The support is done in consultation with teachers, parents and Leadership.

Students can self-refer or be referred by teachers or parents.
At times, the School Counsellor meets with parents and can also refer children to outside support agencies.

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