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Religious Dimension

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St Francis Xavier’s School was founded in 1983 as a Regional School incorporating and supporting the Catholic Parishes of Para Hills / Modbury (John XXIII and Holy Trinity Churches) and Tea Tree Gully (St David’s Church and Our Lady of Hope Chapel / St David’s Parish Centre).

St Francis Xavier’s School is founded on the missionary work of St Francis Xavier, who spent his life spreading the Christian message. From his example, we are reminded that it is through service to others, that we experience true joy and live lives faithful to the teachings of Christ.  Students are therefore immersed in an education where they can learn to critically reflect and respond to today’s world in light of this mission and values. 

St Francis Xavier’s School aims to educate students for participation in the Church and world by:

• Sharing the traditions of the Catholic Church.
• Nurturing a faith filled community founded on the Good News of Jesus Christ
• Actively involving students in scripture, sacraments and liturgy.
• Integrating curriculum, where appropriate, into a context of faith.
• Acknowledging and celebrating individual talents and gifts.


Religious Education

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Students are invited into a living encounter with the beliefs, values, symbols, rituals, faith and community of the Catholic Church.  “Crossways,” the authorised framework for Religious Education in the Archdiocese of Adelaide provides students with an experience of Church that is authentic and life-giving. Catholic beliefs permeate throughout the student’s day as the activity of God in their lives is revealed through the interconnectedness between all members of the School community. A focus on increasing student’s knowledge, understanding and awareness of Church traditions, beliefs and rituals, is applied and practiced within the challenges that daily life presents.  

Prayer and Liturgical celebrations are a vibrant part of our faith education.  Their purpose is to assist students in developing a personal relationship with Jesus and to grow in appreciation of each other as members of a praying community. As students develop their beliefs, live and celebrate their faith, they are able to develop a strong sense of social awareness and understanding that all human beings are loved by God and therefore are a vital member of the world community.  



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Parents are the first and foremost educators of their child’s faith development.  The school’s role, through the Sacramental Program, supports families in the ongoing catechesis of their child. At the school level, all students participate in Religion lessons that develop their understanding of the Sacraments of Reconciliation, Confirmation and First Eucharist.

In accordance with the Adelaide Archdiocese Initiation Policy, children are able to receive Sacraments when ‘ready’, as deemed by their parents, Parish Priest and teachers.  The program is administered through the Parish and supported by the school. Currently at St Francis Xavier’s School, parents are encouraged to enrol their children into the Parish Sacramental Program in Year 3, which is completed in Year 4. Students celebrate the Sacrament of Reconciliation, followed by Confirmation and then receive First Eucharist.  A brochure detailing and outlining the Sacramental Program is available from the front office.


Liturgical Celebrations

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As a school we come together to acknowledge God’s presence in our lives.  Students from Reception to Year 7 celebrate liturgies each term within their class and sub-school, and also participate in whole school celebrations as defined by the Church Year. A weekly adult prayer time, followed by a chat over coffee, is offered to the adult community at St Francis Xavier’s to nourish faith.  As a school with a strong sense of community, parents and caregivers are invited to share in all liturgical celebrations, which build a strong foundation for Eucharistic communities.  Although we are physically removed from our Parishes, we show our support and allegiance by encouraging families to support Parish events, celebrations and masses.  We ask school families to attend these celebrations to be a visible sign of our support for the church.  

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