Specialist Classes


The students are offered musical experiences through singing, listening, playing, moving, creating, performing, reflecting and appreciating.

The classroom music program at SFX provides students with musical experiences. 

  • Music theory and the elements of music (beat, rhythm, pitch, tempo, expression etc.) are taught alongside practical ‘hands on’ music making- exploring and playing instruments. 
  • Music Technology is incorporated into our music program, with computer programs such as ACID Music Express, AURALIA and internet based music programs.
  • Students are encouraged to perform for a variety of audiences, beginning with class performances, and leading up to performing for the larger community. Live performances are provided within the program, thereby extending the musical experience.

  • Receptions to Year 5 students are involved for a term in a ‘Year Level Choir’, where they learn proper vocal singing techniques and performance etiquette. They perform in a concert at the end of the term and Years 2-5 students are also invited to perform as part of ‘The Sounds of St Francis’- our schools annual music concert..

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The Visual Arts Programme allows students to explore their ideas through a variety of art forms. Developing experience in the areas of;

  • Drawing
  • Painting
  • Sculpture
  • Collage
  • Textiles
  • Puppetry
  • Construction
  • Assemblage
  • Mixed media
  • Poster and theatre art

Students have the opportunity to explore their own artistic choices while being exposed to a variety of artworks and techniques from artists and other cultures both past and present.

Students are also encouraged to critically reflect and respond to art works. They have opportunities to share their art, become involved in art competitions and contribute to school celebrations such as;

  • Liturgies
  • Assemblies
  • Art displays
  • Book Week
  • Mad March Fair
  • Wakakirri/theartre productions
  • Decorations for special evenings and events

Students are encouraged to participate in local community art events such as Come Out, Child Art Week and the Adelaide Royal Show.

The Visual arts program is part of the integrated school curriculum and makes links with other subject areas such as the Religion, Studies of Society and Environment, Science and Literacy programmes.

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At SFX students will have the opportunity to experience two languages by the time they complete their schooling in year 7.

Reception to Year 5 use laptops and role-playing to learn Italian through language based games and interactive computer programs.

They experience the Italian culture through:

  • Food,
  • Italian festivals,
  • Reading stories,
  • Watching Italian commercials,
  • Role-plays,
  • Hands on activities,
  • Conversational activities and,
  • Guest speakers.

Year 6 and 7 then go on to learn Chinese in place of Italian.

Students learn about the culture and language through:
  • Personal experiences,
  • Role plays,
  • Ipad apps,
  • Language based games,
  • Chinese calligraphy,
  • Chinese paper cutting,
  • Chinese food, and
  • Guest speakers.

The languages room is a culturally and linguistically rich room where children learn to be open minded risk takers who are lifelong learners and are able to share their own personal cultural experiences.

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The Science Program at St. Francis Xavier’s has been developed with the knowledge that our students need an understanding of science to make sense of their world.  The program aims to provide opportunities for students to develop an understanding of:

  • Important science concepts and processes
  • The practices used to develop scientific knowledge
  • Science’s contribution to our culture and society
  • Science’s applications in our lives

The four sub strands of science taught at St Francis Xavier’s are physical sciences, chemical sciences, biological sciences and Earth and space sciences.

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Physical Education

At St Francis Xavier’s Regional Catholic School, Physical Education is an important part of the curriculum.

Our PE program aims to provide students with:

  • Maximum participation, inclusive and fun activities that cater for all students’ needs.
  • Various challenging activities to engage, maintain interest and increase enjoyment in physical activity.
  • To develop students fundamental motor skills and sporting skills so they can participate confidently in a wide range of physical activities.

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